Education Resources

Education Resources

This page contains useful information and facts about the Blanchard River Watershed. If you would like to see information about a specific topic, please feel free to contact us.


Invasive Species in the Watershed

Asian Longhorned Beetle OSU

Harmful Algal Blooms

Learn the good, the bad and the ugly of algae here.

Where does the water in our watershed come from and where does it go?

Blanchard River 10 and 12-digit watersheds

How much water is there when it rains?

What is the source of your drinking water?

Top ten water users in the Blanchard River Watershed

WLEB Study of the Blanchard River watershed

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2010 Ohio Integrated Assessment Report

Headwaters watershed (HUC 04100008 01)
The Outlet/Lye Creek watershed (HUC 04100008 02)
Eagle Creek watershed (HUC 04100008 03)
Riley Creek watershed (HUC 04100008 04)
OttawaCreek watershed (04100008 05)
Cranberry Creek watershed (04100008 06)

What is a watershed?

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Rain Gardens

Contact the BRWP if you know where we can put a Rain Garden this year.

Rain Garden at the Family Center
Rain Garden at The Family Center Display
Rain Garden at The Family Center Flier
Ottawa Rain Garden

Fact Sheet for The Outlet/Lye Creek Subwatershed Action Plan

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Who is the Blanchard River Watershed Partnership?

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