Agricultural Resources

Agricultural Resources

Farm Bureau’s Demonstration Farm

Three farms in the Blanchard River Watershed have been selected by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to serve as demonstration farms to showcase new and innovative conservation practices that reduce and prevent nutrient run-off.  See the Farm Bureau website to learn more about them.

Agriculture Best Management Practices

Riparian Buffers

NRCS Riparian Buffer Zone

Managing Stormwater – Riparian Buffers

The Importance of Riparian Buffer Zones

Lye Creek Riparian Buffer Project

Two-stage Ditches

2-stage ditch Fact Sheet – The Nature Conservancy


Cover CropsCoverCrop3

Economics of cover crops 
Cover Crop Rotations SAG 9 09
Using Cover crops SAG 08 09

Blind Inlet