Officers and Committees

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Standing Committees:

These are the standing committees of the Blanchard River Watershed Partnership.
The role of these committees is to:
1) Develop and support implementation of their section of the Management Plan;
2) Propose revisions and updates to their section of the Watershed Management and
Action Plan to the Steering Committee and membership;
3) Investigate all sides of issues that are under their consideration;
4) Keep the Steering Committee and the BRWP informed regarding new issues and
opportunities in their field of expertise.

You do not have to be a member of BRWP to participate on a standing committee. The committee chair/co-chair is required to be a BRWP member.

Governance Committee

The purpose of the Board Governance Committee is to create a continuous flow of highly trained, committed, effective and fulfilled board members to carry out the mission of our organization and to provide for the best board member engagement and experience possible.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee’s purpose is to support and drive the fundraising efforts needed to support our organization’s mission.

Education Outreach and Communications Committee

The purpose of this committee is to organize and run the educational activities of the BRWP; coordinate communications to the public about the mission and activities of the BRWP; provide educational materials to schools and other groups about issues relating to water quality.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s purpose is the recruitment and retention of members and sponsors of the Blanchard River Watershed Partnership.

Community Advisory Council and Steering Committee

The purpose of the Community Advisory Council (CAC) is to bring together Blanchard River watershed stakeholders who will collaboratively identify water-related concerns, give suggestions, and offer future project ideas for their area of the watershed or the total watershed, which are consistent with our mission of clean water, conservation, and water quality.  The Steering Committee’s purpose is to initiate the formation and organize the running of the CAC.

Metrics Committee

The Metrics Committee has recently been called together to answer the question “Is the river cleaner because of BRWP efforts?” They are looking at what data the BRWP currently has and can access, and evaluating whether there are other data collection/monitoring efforts that we should be pursuing.

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