Action Plan

Action Plan

The Outlet / Lye Creek Watershed Action Plan (Download)

The Riley Creek Watershed Action Plan (Download)

What is a Watershed Action plan?

  • A watershed action plan is a comprehensive guide for improving and protecting the watershed.
  • A watershed action plan includes an inventory of the watershed resources and identifies and evaluates problems within the watershed.
  • The plan then details goals to protect the high quality resources and to address identified problem areas.
“Everyone lives downstream”


What are the goals for The Outlet / Lye Creek Watershed?

  • Identify water quality issues and develop locally based strategies for improvement
  • Conserve the watershed through promoting sustainable growth
  • Enhance community ownership through watershed stewardship education and outreach

Current Water Quality Issues

Sediment and Nutrient Loading

  • Agricultural and construction run-off
  • Malfunctioning home sewage treatment systems


  • In-stream and stream bank

Habitat Loss

  • Loss of buffers in agricultural areas
  • Encroachment of stream in new developments
  • Changes in water quality affecting aquatic habitat
Why is the plan locally based?

  • Each watershed is unique
  • Local organizations and communities know best!
  • Locally based plan involves local stakeholders and empowers the community!


Watershed Planning Process

  • Ongoing watershed inventory development
  • Draft objectives matrix developed
  • Workgroup created to write plan
  • Public planning meetings
  • Development of final draft
  • Submittal for endorsement by OEPA, ODNR, and OSU Extension


Why do we need a WAP?

  • Serves as a guide to help identify water quality issues dealing with pollutants and their sources.
  • REMEMBER – Water quality at any point in a river or stream is a result of natural and human activity located upstream

The Outlet / Lye Creek Watershed
Action Plan

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Cover Page – Table of Contents – Preface
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Watershed Science Overview
Chapter 3 – Environmental Policies and Programs
Chapter 4 – Watershed Inventory
Chapter 5 – Water Resources
Chapter 6 – Aquatic Life Use Attainment
Chapter 7 – Implementation Plan for Restoration
Chapter 8 – Coastal Management Measures
Chapter 9 – Budget
Chapter 10 – Evaluation and Revision
Appendix A – Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Management Plan – Ohio
Appendix B – Soil Maps
Appendix C – Biological Resources
Appendix D – Soil Analysis, Maps, Pictures, and Aerial Photos of Problem Statement Areas
Appendix E – Floating Wetlands and Storm Water Management Plan Overview
Appendix F – Integrated Water Assessment

The Riley Creek Watershed
Action Plan

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Appendix F – Drinking Water Source Assessment (File download required to view)


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