BRWP logo

The MISSION of the BRWP is to:

“Encourage water quality improvements to our geologically unique, northwestern Ohio watershed, through sustainable land use, collaboration, conservation and enhancement of natural and man-made resources.”

The VISION of the BRWP is:

“To live in a clean and productive watershed that assures long-term value to all its inhabitants.”

The VALUES of the BRWP are:

• values the Blanchard River Watershed for its ability to sustain life.
• values the preservation of the natural environment of the watershed.
• values the partnerships of stakeholders, agencies and organizations through an
open dialogue with the community about our watershed.
• values the rural lifestyle and quality of life in townships, villages, and cities.
• values the use of Best Management Practices to:

Sustain agriculture as basic human need and occupation.
Encourage environmentally sound industrial development.
Promote responsible residential and other urban activities.

The major GOAL of the BRWP is to address nonpoint source pollution – i.e. pollution that has more than one possible source in that area – and water quality through the gathering of data, writing of a watershed action for each subwatershed, and having the action plan endorsed by the Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Once endorsed, several grant sources are available for doing restoration projects. See the 2011 specific Goals under the goals tab on the web site

Yearly Activities of the BRWP include water quality monitoring (spring & fall); river clean-ups (spring & fall); stream observation walks; and educational/outreach through meetings and displays.
Most of these activities have volunteer opportunities.


The inception of Blanchard River Watershed Partnership (BRWP) began in December 2002. Discussions revolved around local issues including flooding, a greenways project, agriculture, water quality and the need for a unification of collaborative efforts already occurring. Eventually many stakeholders came together including representatives from 4 primary counties and agencies in the watershed: Hancock, Putnam, Allen and Hardin counties. Regular meetings began in November of 2003 leading to the groups’ initial declaration of being identified as an informal group called the Blanchard River Watershed Partnership.

In July of 2006, the BRWP was granted a 501c3, non-profit public charity status by the United States Internal Revenue Service. That 501c3 allows membership fees, donations and in-kind contributions to be tax deductible for the donor.

Since its inception, the BRWP has formed many working relationships with federal, state, and local agencies, such as the US EPA, Ohio EPA, USGS, Soil and Water Conservation districts, the City of Findlay, the village of Ottawa, the village of Bluffton, County Commissioners, County Board of Health, and many other agencies in the watershed.